Do you know where any of your supplements are made? Chances are you don't and there is a reason.

When a supplement company goes to a manufacturer to have products made, 99 percent of the time the manufacturer makes the supplement company sign a legal document called a non-disclosure agreement or NDA. This means the supplement company is not allowed to tell people where their products are manufactored. At this point you may say so what? But bear with us for a moment. Imagine you buy a supplement and then get sick or find out something like a banned substance is in it. Now what do you do? You probably go to the supplement company and say hey this product isn't right and their response will be, "it's not our fault it, it's the manufactorer's fault. They actually made the product. BUT! We signed an NDA, so we can't tell you who that actually is." Don't forget, supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so unless you have enough money to hire a great attorney that is where the story ends -- You with a product that made you sick or contained a banned substance with no one to blame.

All Abiotic Factorz products are made at All American Pharmaceutical in Billings, Montana.

We are the other 1 percent. If you pick up any Abiotic Factorz product and look at the label, you will find the logo of our manufacturer: All American Pharmaceutical. All American Pharmaceutical is owned by Dr. Jeff Golini, is FDA validated and does 10 weeks of rigorious testing on all of their products. We are so confident about the safety of our products that we are completely transparent about where and how our products are made. To learn more watch the video below!

Abiotic Factorz Products are formulated for healthy, sustainable results.

ChemaPre and ChemaBurn contain no artificial colors or dyes and every active ingredient is listed with its dosage on the label.

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No artificial colors or dyes

ChemaPre on the left vs. the average pre-workout on the right.

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ChemaBurn Label

No proprietary blends.